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EarthBox® gardening system

Whether you are a one man band, a small group of like-minded individuals or a large corporation — the EarthBox® gardening system can be profitable for you!

  • Small-scale and subsistence farmers and hawkers
  • Commercial growers and farmers


    Those sectors that deal with growing plants on a large scale purely for commercial gain, such as:
    1. Agriculture
    2. Forestry
    3. Horticulture
  • Social entrepreneurs


    Individuals dedicated to making a difference to impoverished communities … by doing business while simultaneously providing opportunities for income generation for those they help.
  • Dealers
    1. Retail outlets (Nurseries; hardware stores; homeware stores; general stores)
    2. Co-operatives
    3. Landscapers & Interior designers

Grow enough fruit and vegetables to feed yourself and your family in any space that gets enough sunlight — and have enough left over to sell or barter.


  • It doesn’t matter how small your piece of property is, whether or not it is fertile or how long you plan to live there: the EarthBox® gardening system is compact, portable and self-contained.
  • You fertilize only once a year, don’t need to worry about weeds and can never over- or under-water, so it saves you time, effort and money while producing more quality crops than with the same amount of land, using traditional methods.

"We invested in our first five EarthBoxes in February 2008.
That quickly turned into another order for 250, and later for 1,220 more.
Our main garden is 1,404 EarthBoxes; we have another 15 planted with trees, and 15 for a kitchen garden … Neighbors have asked to buy our vegetables, so what we don't preserve for ourselves and our family will be sold. What's not sold will be given to an area food bank. "

— John and Linda Davis,
Winter Haven, FL


EarthBox® is an organic growing system proven to outperform Mother Earth.


Imagine being able to grow more, better produce using less water, less fertilizer and without having to worry about weed or pest infestation.


With the EarthBox® gardening system you can:

  • Grow any crop on any terrain, using half the fertilizer and 40% less water.
  • Produce up to 60% more yield — with superior nutritional value — than is possible with conventional growing methods.
  • Get the competitive edge you need in the marketplace.

"I have been involved in agriculture for 37 years …
EarthBox® is an exciting opportunity.
It is a way to change the way we grow produce in agriculture
in the entire world. You can feed everyone on this entire planet
and you can do it with more production per acre for much lower cost."

— James "Hoss" Morgan,
Procurement/Harvesting Manager for William G. Roe & Sons, Inc.



Supply impoverished communities with an affordable means to grow food, prosperity and hope.


The EarthBox® gardening system presents a means to self-sufficiency on many levels.

  • It can be sold and re-sold.
  • It is a means for communities to grow nutritious food to eat, sell or barter.
  • It requires minimal effort to deliver tangible benefits — providing a possible catalyst for overcoming the despondency and apathy usually associated with poverty.
  • It creates a need / opportunity to provide infrastructure to sell or barter.
  • It offers branding opportunities.

The EarthBox® gardening system is a new, award-winning product — tried and tested in the USA — with so many advantages and benefits for the end-user, that it virtually sells itself.


Retail outlets:

  • Though this product will sell itself, we will generate demand by targeting end-users directly through media advertising. So, be ready: have the EarthBox® gardening system on your shelves and on display to make sure you can cash in on the demand.


  • This product will sell itself to your members, because it offers sustainable food production, as well as business opportunities.

Landscapers and interior designers:

  • Use the EarthBox® gardening system to create unusual, attractive, edible, environmentally-friendly organic gardens and interiors for your clients.

"We have sold over one million EarthBox® gardening systems directly to consumers as word of mouth has spread about just how easy and productive our system is."

— Frank DiPaolo,
EarthBox USA general manager.


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