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EarthBox® gardening system

Here’s how you can use the EarthBox® gardening system to help needy communities …

Use the EarthBox® gardening system to help you fulfil your mandate of care, education and rehabilitation.


By introducing the EarthBox® gardening system to communities in your care you will be able to:

  1. Provide your charges with fresh, nutritious food that is available on demand and can be grown according to specific needs.
  2. Lower your food purchase and transportion costs by engaging residents and out-patients in growing the food themselves at an easily accessible location.
  3. Generate additional income for your facility by selling surplus produce.
  4. Provide healthy, non-demanding, open-air activity for those in your care.
  5. Educate facility members about sustainable agriculture, and provide them with the knowledge, skills and support necessary to implement what they have learned in the wider community on a long term basis.
  6. Provide a positive environment that fosters self-sufficiency, independence and optimism.

"The ease of use with the EarthBoxes became quite apparent with the agencies we worked with, including … a treatment and housing program for homeless people with addictions and mental illness, a group home for troubled youth, a program working with the physical and mentally disabled, a senior citizen community center, and youth serving programs.


With the guidance of a group of experienced gardeners, all these programs were able to not only grow fresh vegetables but to also provide their clients with a basic understanding of food production."

— John Sterlacci,
Executive Director, Universal Education Foundation, Inc., Binghamton, N.Y.


Sustainable social responsibility … in a box.


Your company can help impoverished and marginalized communities in two ways by supplying them with EarthBox® gardening systems:

  1. As an investment project — providing motivated individuals and groups with the start-up finance, training and support necessary to set up sustainable businesses that can feed families and generate surplus income.

At the same time, your company can enjoy the following return on its investment:

  1. Increased brand loyalty and community support through the association of your brand with a good cause. (The EarthBox® gardening system can be branded with your corporate identity.)
  2. Motivated and inspired employees who are proud to work for a socially responsible employer.
  3. Market differentiation. Few things provide as strong a differentiator in the marketplace as socially beneficial community involvement
  4. Access to new markets and an expanded consumer base drawn to the innovative nature of the EarthBox® gardening system and the opportunity for sharing in profits generated.
  5. Economic growth … an actual return on social investment.

"My concern is that it is all too easy to come to rely on charity,
which requires poverty and deprivation.
What the developing world needs is real growth and for that they need investment and an ongoing interest in that investment involvement,
not a donation."

— Nicky Oppenheimer,
Chairman, The De Beers Group


Reduce your food procurement costs by growing your own produce — while making a sustainable investment in the communities that serve you.


If providing food to a large number of people (be they your employees or your customers) is part of your business, the EarthBox® gardening system can help you reduce costs, increase convenience and make a positive contribution to the communities that serve you.


Construction and Mining:

  1. Get the best performance from your labour force: feed them healthy, nutritious, fresh food — no matter how far from civilization your site is situated.
  2. Enlist your employees or surrounding communities in a sustainable project that will provide healthy, outdoor activity, opportunities for learning and a sense of self-sufficiency.
  3. Move the portable EarthBoxe® gardening systems with you to the next construction project … Or leave them behind for the local community to continue producing fresh food for their own consumption or for resale. You'll score points on your BBBEE scorecard while doing so!

Food retail:

  1. Give impoverished communities the opportunity to grow the produce that you need by assisting them to set up EarthBox® gardening system farms. You will provide them with a guaranteed source of income while providing your enterprise with a guaranteed source of high quality, fresh produce.
  2. Increase brand loyalty and community support through the association of your brand with a good cause and score BBBEE points in the process.

Hospitality and Private Health:

  1. You could have the freshest, high quality fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers at a moment’s notice by growing your own produce on site.
  2. Eliminate costly wastage and order delays while increasing your profit margins by lowering the costs associated with the purchasing and transportion of produce.
  3. Involve your employees or impoverished local communities in growing the produce you need … and gain an unexpected tick or two on your BBBEE scorecard while doing so.


Give communities a REAL tool with which to break the cycle of hunger, disease, poverty and dependency.


An EarthBox® gardening system project:

  1. Combats hunger and malnutrition.
  2. Promotes sustainable agricultural development.
  3. Creates opportunities for income generation through the sale of surplus produce.
  4. Is responsive to the needs of the most vulnerable and marginalised segments of the population.
  5. Includes fair, institutionalised mechanisms of mutual accountability and review.
  6. Monitors and evaluates progress by carrying out systematic assessments based on appropriate indicators.
  7. Ensures that recipients, through their own efforts can achieve success.
  8. Promotes individual wellbeing on the basis of active, free and meaningful participation in development and in the fair distribution of benefits.

"The EarthBox® is also having a real-world effect.
Tobago’s Secretary of Agriculture & Marine affairs & the Environment has ordered EarthBoxes as an integral part of that government's effort to start producing more and better produce within the nation's borders."

— Bob Quarteroni,
PR Manager, EarthBox USA


Help make a difference in the lives of an impoverished family in Southern Africa.

Give them the gift of a garden … a gift that will keep on giving, month after month, year after year.


Instead of buying Christmas and Birthday presents for your friends and family, buy an EarthBox® gardening system for a family in need, in a village in Southern Africa.


  1. Falls into one of the following categories:
    • Child-headed household
    • Households run by grandmothers whose children have died of AIDS-related illness.
    • Families living with HIV / AIDS
    • Households where not a single member is gainfully employed
    • Marginalised elderly
    • Orphanages and old-age homes
  2. Will receive all the support and monitoring necessary to ensure that the EarthBoxe® gardening systems are used in a way that will make a real, sustainable difference in their quality of life.

We’ll send a card from EarthBox® to your friends. This is what the card will say:


"Instead of buying you more stuff that you don’t need and probably don’t want,
I’ve invested in a garden for a family that really needs it."


Now that's a gift that could truly change someone’s life!


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