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EarthBox® gardening system

Regardless of access to space, water and resources, the EarthBox® gardening system can provide you — and those you care about — with a consistent and cost-effective supply of nutrient-rich food …

Lower your food bills, reduce your exposure to preservatives and pesticides, and take a step towards sustainable eco-friendly living — with minimal effort and maximum enjoyment!


The benefits of growing your own fruit, vegetables and flowers with the EarthBox® gardening system are numerous — and you can experience them regardless of your level of gardening expertise and whether or not you even have a garden! The only requirement is that you invest in good quality seeds.


"This product met all of its claims.
It was easy to put together. It was easy to water and the plants in the EarthBox® grew twice the size of the ones in the ground."

— Lisa M


Looking for a way to make a positive difference in the lives of those who work for you …or for a unique, meaningful gift that will keep on giving?


The EarthBox® gardening system is a gift that can sustain its recipient …

  • Physically: it will produce bountiful, nutritious fruit and vegetables.
  • Mentally: it will provide an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience of food growing.
  • Emotionally: the experience of being self-sufficient and productive breeds pride, hope and optimism.
  • Economically: excess produce can be sold or bartered to generate additional income.

"“My EarthBoxes worked so well, I bought one for my 94-year-old mother."

— Richard T.,
Fullerton, CA


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