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" We have sold over one million EarthBox® gardening systems directly to consumers as word of mouth has spread about just how easy and productive our system is."

— Frank DiPaolo,
EarthBox® USA general manager

What is the EarthBox® gardening system?


The EarthBox® gardening system is a portable, re-usable, maintenance-free, container gardening system that produces a 60% higher yield than a conventional garden — using half the fertilizer and 40% less water.


The EarthBox® gardening system was invented by a US tomato farmer, Blake Whisenant, after a hurricane wiped out his crop in 1992. Since then, his product has undergone numerous commercial and scientific trials and improvements that have resulted in a revolutionary gardening system that, time and again, yields more and better quality crops than planting directly in the earth.



Its proud producers are so sure of it that they offer the following satisfaction guarantee: Use the EarthBox® gardening system for an entire season and, if it doesn´t perform as advertised, you will be refunded promptly and in full on return of the EarthBox® gardening system.


Click here » to view the full EarthBox® gardening system guarantee and disclaimer.

" Over the past 80 years, my family has grown literally tons of vegetables on our family farm. Our produce is shipped across the nation and around the world.
We´ve made many scientific breakthroughs in growing technology during that time, but none compare to the breakthrough I´ve made with the EarthBox®: higher yields, minimum maintenance, and gardening that is simple and friendly to our environment."

— Blake Whisenant,
EarthBox® Inventor

The Growing Connection using the EarthBox

How does the EarthBox® gardening system work?


The unique, patented design and technology of the EarthBox® gardening system provides plants with unlimited nutritional stability.


Acting on the laws of nature, the EarthBox® gardening system facilitates the movement of nutrients and water from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration. When the EarthBox® gardening system is set up, a plant food strip is placed on top of the growing medium — creating an area of high nutrient concentration. The growing medium around the roots of the plant contains no plant food at this stage. When water is added,
the moist growing medium slowly conducts the diluted nutrients down the concentration gradient to the plant roots, which can then absorb optimal amounts of nutrients at any given time. In this way the plant roots are delivered with, and absorb, only what the plant needs in order to stay healthy.


Moisture used by plants is automatically replaced by the water reservoir. Similarly, nutrients used for growing are constantly replaced by the plant food band. One cannot over- or under-water
or fertilize. In this way the EarthBox® gardening system creates the perfect growing environment — and guarantees successful crops.


" The fertilizer remains on top of the soil and the water comes from the bottom. While this may seem unusual, our scientific research proves that the EarthBox® system provides the best possible growing environment for plants."


— Blake Whisenant,
EarthBox® Inventor


Why do plants grow better in the EarthBox® gardening system?


2. Growing Medium — Eliminates poor soil conditions and disease. Transfers the ideal amount of moisture to the plants from the bottom up.

1. Mulch Cover — Stops weeds and conserves water. No need for herbicides. Protects from drought or excessive rain.

EarthBox cross-section diagram

3. Plant Food Band — Gives plants exactly what they need, when they need it. No feeding schedule, no guessing.


4. Aeration Screen — Provides proper amount of oxygen to the roots. Prevents root rot and mold, typical of other containers.


5. Water Reservoir — Waters plants automatically, making it impossible to under- or overwater.

More benefits from this remarkable product.


Large capacity — Can hold up to 16 seedlings or starter plants (a handy planting guide tells you how many of each plant type can be planted to accommodate their fully-grown size).


Reusable — Can be used season after season, year after year, in the harshest of conditions. UV protected. Resists even desert sun for years.


Environmentally friendly — Made from recycled material it has a minimal impact on the environment.


No wastage — Use only the exact amount of water and fertilizer required by plants.
Conserve water. Stop soil contamination and erosion.


Portable — (coming soon) Add casters to the bottom of the box and put your garden on the move.


Optional staking system — (coming soon) The perfect staking solution for tomatoes and other tall plants. No awkward cages or trellises needed. The garden can now be placed anywhere.

"What makes the EarthBoxes so spectacular is they are making gardeners out of all sorts of people including those who don't own enough land to put in a traditional garden. The enjoyment element of these gardens is also a factor in making them precious to us."

— Mary B,
North Central AR, U.S.A.

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